Field Exchange

From the Civil Society Perspective: In partnership with JCC2015 member organisations, one-day study tours will be dispatched to the tsunami and nuclear disaster affected areas of Northeast Japan. These field exchanges aim to deliver voices from the disaster affected areas and provide opportunities for the international community to witness the process of disaster recovery.


oa one-day trip to Fukushima. To witness the current situation in Fukushima and to consider the complex issues encompassing recovery from the triple disaster that struck on 11 March 2011, including the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear disaster.

Minami Sanriku

a visit to the Women’s International Grassroots Academy organized by an organization member of JCC2015. This academy will be held before the main conference of the 3rd WCDRR as an official pre-event.


a study-tour with special focus on Asian women leaders. This tour aims to share lessons learnt by Asian women leader’s experience from the disasters.