The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster was truly unprecedented, particularly for the Japanese community who had believed that nuclear power is safe and clean energy. The disaster led to massive displacement, loss of communities and livelihoods, etc. even after more than three and a half years, many people still cannot return. JCC2015 will highlight these ongoing issues, as learning from this disaster will enhance the world’s preparedness towards the future. Please allocate time before and during WCDRR to join these events!


Date Place Title Detail
12th March Fukushima Field Exchange Bus trip to Fukushima to witness the present situation and to hear local voices from the affected communities. Gain a civil society perspective of the aftermath of the nuclear power plant disaster.
13th March Fukushima Global Symposium A global event participated by international and domestic scientists, doctors, academia, and civil society. Presentations and discussions will cover monitoring effects, medical concerns, and issues from a rights-based and empowerment perspective.
14th March Sendai Public Forum Session A session by JCC2015 members on nuclear focused Disaster Risk Reduction issues. This session aims to provide constructive suggestions for the future based on the lessons learnt in Fukushima.
17th March Sendai Public Forum Session A session by a coalition of agencies working in Fukushima to draw key lessons from civil society perspectives on the cascading disaster (earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear) in 2011.

Fukushima Booklet

In this risk only for Fukushima?: Nuclaer power plant accident have occurred in the past, and again in Fukushima in 2011. What are the lessons we all need to learn and prepare for the future? JCC2015 is prepareing a booklet with essential leassons learnt from communities in Fukushima, and it will be launched on March 13th!